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Founding Cloud Architect



Software Engineering, IT
Toronto, ON, Canada · Remote
Posted on Thursday, July 8, 2021


We're a VC-backed, early stage startup in Toronto putting the PC into the cloud.

Through our downloadable application we can turn old or underpowered computers into powerful workstations. Similar to how Netflix streams movies to your screen, we stream a powerful computer.

We’ve got several paying customers within our beachhead market of 3D modeling in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction.

Job Description

Softdrive is looking for a cloud architect to help us build the future of PC virtualization, working on cutting-edge tech such as GPU virtualization, dynamic auto-scaling, and hybrid storage.

You will be managing and designing our virtualization environment, which is a KVM/oVirt layer on top of bare metal servers from public cloud providers. You'll be working on tasks such as:

  • Automating VM deployment.
  • Image management.
  • SASE/VPN/networking configuration.

One feature you'll be working on along with our CTO is dynamic auto-scaling - software at the OS and hypervisor layer that will detect usage (e.g. CPU load, RAM, GPU) and adjust VM specs in response in realtime.


  • Familiarity with cloud computing.
  • Practical experience with hypervisors, KVM preferred.
  • Server management tools, such as oVirt and vCenter.
  • Cloud management tools, such as OpenStack.
  • Experience building self-managing cloud solutions.
  • A strong understanding of networking - VLANs, subnets, firewalls, NIC virtualization, etc.
  • OS fundamentals, such as the memory hierarchy (cache/RAM/disk).

Nice to Have

  • Comfort with cloud orchestration and Infrastructure-as-Code.
  • Computer hardware - especially on how different components impact performance (CPU, GPU, and memory).
  • An understanding of containers: Kubernetes, Docker.

Why Softdrive?

  • This position is an opportunity to work at a high growth startup that is building the future of personal computers.
  • The demand for cloud-based virtual computers is growing exponentially and our clients represent some of the biggest names in their markets.
  • You will be helping develop a computer solution that is always fast, available anywhere and cost-effective.
  • You will have the opportunity to influence our product roadmap and work on exciting new features such as a zero-client, unlimited storage and dynamic auto-scaling.
  • We’re agile and dynamic and value someone who is excited to work on many unique and exciting challenges.

The Opportunity For You

This position will put you at the bleeding edge of cloud virtualization technology, building features on major cloud providers before even they support them. You'll work on, and design, technology that will define the future of PC virtualization and Desktop-as-a-Service.

More Details About the Role

The first phase of the role involves managing VDI / virtualization using a type 1 hypervisor. You’ll be using server management software (likely oVirt, which is somewhat similar to vCenter) through a web GUI. Configuring VMs, networks, deploying from templates, etc. It would be most beneficial to know the server management software, virtualization concepts like templates, disks, VNICs, as well as sysadmin concepts like iSCSI storage, network firewalls, and sysprep. You must be comfortable with production operations and site reliability engineering for the environment you’ll be building.

The second phase involves adding automation to the above, instead of doing things through the management software’s webpage. It could involve using APIs (e.g. python APIs) for things like libvirt, or just running scripts on the Linux servers.